10 Easy Things You Can Do Right Now to Improve Your Health

Starting a healthy lifestyle can be easy as taking little small steps that will get you to the point to want to reach.  Check these 10 tips that I apply on a daily basis and that have truly worked for me:

1)Make a meal plan: planning in advance what you are going to eat throughout the week saves not only money, but time. But, most important of all, it is an investment in health, as cooking on the go and failing to plan will for sure make you eat unnecessary foods on a longterm.

2)Make sleep non-negotiable: make a routine every night that helps you go to sleep: read a book, put some cream on, light up candles… If you want to keep your performance at its best, going early to bed should be top ten on your list.

3)Schedule workouts: make these meetings with yourself. And bosses never cancel. After your daily sweat, you will start feeling better instantly.

4)Drink more water: help your body get rid of those toxins by drinking at least 8 glasses of water per day.

5)Stop documenting everything and start enjoying it: we live way too much through social media. A trick that I love when meeting up with friends is to put all our phones on the table. The first person who checks his phone has to pay the bill. Lets live more in the present moment and not a 2.0 life.

6)Practice gratitude: one of my favorite exercises is waking up in the morning and spending two minutes thinking about at least 5 things I am grateful for. I feel immediately tanked with positive energy to kick off the day.

7)Detox your home: declutter, clean and get rid of unnecessary stuff. A clear home equals a clear mind.

8)Get together with a friend: nothing heals the soul as a good chat and a warm cup of coffee with a close friend. Make time to catch up with your beloved ones.

9)Read labels: most of the foods that seem healthy are truly packed with sugars. Start paying attention at labels and learn the nutrients that you are putting inside your body.

10)Eat without distractions: we often eat checking our phones or in front of the laptops. Practice mindfulness. Eat looking at your plate and tasting every single bite. You will feel full sooner as if you were eating being distracted.

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