Boosting your career prospects and showing the world your skillset is now easier than ever thanks to social media, but only if these are used wisely  and correctly. In the age of personal branding, the line between what is and what isn’t acceptable to post on your handles often gets blurry. One wrong move could be the end of the dream job you wanted.

Harper’s Bazaar investigated this subject by highlighting the things professionals should never do on social media to avoid making mistakes in the digital world:

1. Complaining about your job, co-workers, or boss. S haring negative feedback about your workplace is not okay—it could turn against you. Instead, whatsapp your best friend and moan about how difficult the day was.

2. Sharing too much info. When keeping things profesional, sometimes we have to state what is strictly personal (like relationship issues) and what is not. And yes, there is such a thing as TMI.

3. Posting all of your partying pics. We all have taken crazy pictures when partying or in our exchange year abroad, but try to keep the visibility of them only to your close friends as this could cause potential employers to look the other way.

4. Inserting yourself in controversial conversations. Sometimes, the most intelligent move is to keep one’s opinion to yourself. Yes, we all have a voice, but when referring to social media, its better to be cautious and discuss certain topics with friends and family in person instead.

5. Aggressively networking for a job. While networking on platforms like XING or LinkedIn is a great resource, don’t harass or send constant messages to a recruiter—begging for a job won’t get you that far.

6. Referencing illegal activities. No go. Enough said.

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    Nice tips! Thanks. 🙂 And for sure check privacy settings and put colleagues and your boss on a special list. 😉

    Sara from missesviolet

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