Catching up with a gay friend the other day he made me realize how little blogs actually speak about men’s clothes. We had a conversation around it and I though he was right. When we think about men, not many of the guys I know are actually interested in fashion. Few of them read magazines and I’m 100% sure none of my friends have ever bought clothes online. But if I stop to think about my gay friends, most of them have a terrific good taste when it comes to get dressed up. They read paper magazines and I would risk to say they also check online magazines and fashion blogs daily.

Reading Vogue while drinking my coffee and seeing voluptuous Kim K on it speaking about his husband made me rethink about the whole men fashion issue. I remember my boyfriend passing by a shop window and pointing out: “Look, those are Kanye West’s adidas. They are sold out everywhere”. I was surprised that my boyfriend had a minimal idea of what a limited shoe collection was and furthermore that he actually desired so badly one of those kicks. It kind of reminded me when there is a designer capsule collection in a high street shop and girls queue to buy an item the evening before the great opening.

Perhaps, thanks to this kind of collaborations that convert rappers into designers the industry is slightly changing (like the one G-Star is doing with Pharrel William). Perhaps, guys are beginning to show a real interest in fashion that goes further beyond what to wear to uni or to the office on the day.
Perhaps, men just need a little incentive to catch their attention. And when, referring to buying, a little push or help to learn how to shop online, like we women have been actively doing.
So I decided to do my own experiment with my boyfriend and sat with him in front of the laptop to review together some 
men street style and share opinions with him. He found some of them were too overdressed (something I can understand from someone who basically only wears jeans), but a plain white look caught his eye. He didn’t recognize it then but when today, while sharing meal in a restaurant, he asked: “How about if I get me a pair of white trousers?”, I could just laugh.






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