Home made marmalade

I’ve been craving  a sweet breakfast for such a long while! A proper breakfast with toasts and jam! I try my best to avoid processed jams full of unnecessary sugars so I thought that this weekend in Spain was the perfect occasion for it. As I’m not the best of the cooks, having my granny at home to help me cooking was the best chance to make my own home-made marmalade.

I mixed together wild berries, chia seeds and a bit of stevia to achieve that sweetness.

The preparation is so simple, it is seriously worth giving it a try.

The berries can either be fresh or frozen, you will have to boil them up, so it really doesn’t matter. I usually have frozen berries at home ready to make any smoothie pre or after workout.

After gently boiling the berries, make sure to mix the outcome and then let it cool down for a couple of hours before adding the chia.

It is important to add the chia at the end once the marmalade is cooled down, so that the seeds’ grain are fully preserved and not broken down. I usually add two spoonful. but this is entirely up to your taste.

Finally, add stevia drops till you reach the sweetness you are looking for.

Put the marmalade into a jar and let it cool down in the fridge for some hours. After that, the jam should be ready :)! The good thing is that, when kept in the fridge, it is good up to 2 weeks. Which means you can have more sweet breakfasts in the upcoming days (lol).

You can either add the marmalade to plain greek yoghourt or eat it with toasts (my favorite option).

I used rye bread and spread of mild Rama margarine (the taste is so gentle and the calories suit my diet plan, which means that I am still able to hit my daily macros during definition phase, despite the fact of having such a sweet breakfast).

A great simple and easy way to fit a healthy treat during this demanding period in which I am meant to loose weight.



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