The other day I was cleaning up my handbag. It was full of tickets on the inside from purchases I couldn’t even remember: 40 euros in Zara, 80 euros in Bimba y Lola, 70 euros in Mango… I started adding up mentally and realized the ridiculous amount of money I can spend in a month just in clothes and probably things I don’t even need. As I was breaking in tiny pieces all of those tickets siting down in a cafe, I saw through the window two old women passing by. They were wearing expensive fur coats and Chanel handbags. I thought to myself: oh God, will I end up like that? I will turn 30 in some years, ok, its still 4 years to go, but by when this date arrives, I would like to ask to myself: what have you been doing with your life so far? I have studied the degrees and masters I wanted, Im working in a field I love, have my own apartment….but after all, the important things are not material. In Spain we have a saying that says that what you don’t do in life, you won’t be able to do it once you are under ground. So I asked to myself if I was living according to what my priorities really are. ”I want to travel” I answered to myself. So, what am I doing for this then? If I added up all the tickets I had in that purse I could be chilling in Bahamas under a palm tree.

This is where my new year´s resolutions started.  When you are used to this living, it is so difficult to change habits. It is difficult to pass by a window shop and think to yourself: I either buy this jumper, or save those bucks for Thailand. By the way, do we actually need so many jumpers? Spending days with mum has helped me to come back to focus. We tend to think we might find happiness in the new pair of shoes, in the new Michael Kors handbag, in that Marc Jacobs watch you saw in the online shop last week. Bullshit. Happiness must come from the inside. When you are truly happy, calmed and live according to what you really need and not exclusively to what you want, then everything will work out. Im not saying you have to stop buying that skirt, Im saying that you should choose mind over matter.



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    I love this, and this is what I try to do so many times. But sometimes you’re to early and Zara is so close and then…. SHit happens… But I’m working on it. Life with Less..!!

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