When the year parta

tarted, I made a commitment to myself: I was going to honor each of the days that life has gifted to me. I was going to push my limits and step out of my comfort zone with one clear aim: meet face to face the person who I truly am.

I’ve never been a long distance runner, therefore, aiming for a Trifecta is a true challenge. I took the first step in may in Madrid by running Reebok’s Sprint Spartan Race. The Super Race followed in July in Duisburg and after two months, I will aim for the Beast in Barcelona.

I am not 100%, I am not in the best form, my shape could be far way better, I could have trained more… But you know what? I am human. I accept that I can not always be perfect but I can do one thing: try my best. And this is what I am doing at the moment guys: I am giving the best of me. I have the will and I have the courage with me. Those are, in my opinion, the most important of all assets. A strong mindset is the most powerful tool.

So, besides my ‘all terrain’ shoes, I will pack next week to Barcelona all my inner strength and will of becoming a better person that I was yesterday. The will of meeting face to face fear, the feeling of soreness and challenge. But, above all, the will of conquering the glory of overcoming what I thought I once couldn’t. The belief that I am honoring the days that life has gifted me.

Trifecta, I am coming for you.




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