I finally had the chance of testing during my Crossfit WOD the new Reebok Nano7. And I can already tell you guys that they haven’t deceived me.

I’ve been training over a week with them already and tested them during killer WODS which included burpees sets, jumping boxes, rope skipping, toes to bars…etc.


First thing I noticed was how breathable they are. I’m a declared fan of breathable training shoes.

The fact that a training shoe is breathable do not stops the feet from sweating and when it occurs, but it’s allows the drying to happen very quickly. In most cases, it is the ability to let the shoe to allow the moisture escape.

Besides that characteristic, I would also outstand the Nano 7’s rubber sole. A sole that supports you when performing demanding exercises like box jumps is a must. I am always afraid that I will slip when jumping way too fast and knowing that the sole on your shoes will support you in this way, adds a plus of confidence.

The Nano 7 also promises durability as one of the core features that makes this sneaker outstanding. First, the outer sole is made of high abrasion rubber and this does not wear easily even if the user is using it on rough surfaces.

I can call over 15 Reebok shoes ‘my own’ and all of them are still in good conditions after hours of demanding training sessions. I often joke with Reebok saying that if they want to make money, they should start creating shoes with worse quality as each of my pairs are still in good conditions. So nothing points that my Nano 7 should worn out after my Crossfit sessions.

Last but not least, I would like to make reference to its fit. The shoe is extremely comfortable and light. Perfect for any Crossfit athlete or fitness passionate looking to elevate their workouts to a higher level.

Key highlights

-High performance


-Latest technology

-Secure fit

Technical aspects

Core features include:

-NanoWeave Technology

-4 mm heal-to-to drop

-Secure fit that happens anatomically

-Naturally Crystallized rubber outer sole

-TPU Heal Wrap put at 360 degrees

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