I couldn’t wait to meet the Reebok team in Hamburg to finally discover the new zPump Fusion 2.0. It was difficult to sleep the night before as I was afraid of loosing the flight I had to take earlier the following the morning. So I kept waking up the whole night to check the time on my phone’s screen just to make sure I was not going to fall asleep and miss the plane.

It had been nearly a year since they launched the original version, so I was pretty excited to test myself the improvements they had made on the sneaker which we all know adapts perfectly to your foot shape when air is pumped into it.

I had the chance of joining a yoga lesson and doing a short session of crossfit exercises (next to olympic athlete Nils Schumann) to test how comfortable the new zPump Fusion 2.0 are. Technically speaking, these are the most outstanding features of the shoe:

  • Seamless PowerFrame Fusion Sleeve for compressive Pump fused support
  • Low-cut design for outstanding ankle mobility and speedy stride transitions
  • Air filled Pump tech inflates inward for locking in the perfect customised fit
  • Gas fueled carbonated foam for a soft lighter weight responsive ride
  • Minimal CRTek high abrasion rubber for durable traction at key wear areas
  • 3M reflective eyelets and heel pull for keeping you visible during after hours runs
  • Reinforced midfoot tuck board for striding stability and torsional rigidity






But when it comes to simple terms, I can just say that running in them is a pleasant feeling everyone should try at least once. The experience of not having any shoelaces ( which many times press your skin) and feeling as if you barely wore no trainer (they are so incredibly light) are worth the more than reasonable market price.

I wear them myself the days that I schedule cardio after my weightlifting session. And I must confess, I love the moment when I stand in front of the running mill and repeat in my head the motto: “Pump, pump, pump…let’s get ready to run!”.



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