Within a few weeks , my company will celebrate its tenth anniversary with a big cocktail. For such cases, the protocol requires a dress long to the knee with an elegant cut. It is one of those times when , despite having a closet full of dresses , you feel that none of them is suitable. You panic then while thinking: I have nothing to wear! Some are too short and other have already been worn in other occasion with the same people. Other of the dresses have colours either too bright or patterns that make you question yourself why did you actually buy them once… At this point, it looks like the better option is to buy a new dress but, the quid is, in case you decided to do so, where would you, since, most of the girls of the company dress clothes from the same stores. No woman would want to enter a room with more people dressed like her (this is every girls biggest fear). To prevent that from happening , I usually turn to online stores for these occasions. In Germany , Otto and MyTheresa are very popular online shops for cocktail dresses. I’m always in a hurry, so I hardly have any time to shop in normal stores. Therefore, being able to buy online at any time and receive the package at home in less than 24 hours is a real treat. My intention is to purchase a simple dress and give it a twist by playing with the details by wearing, for example, a shirt underneath. I believe this is something that will make it an original and eye-catching look. When you work in marketing , most people around you dress with personality , something that I like very much , because such meetings are catwalks of authentic expressions of personality. What do you think of the idea of ​​combining a cocktail dress with a shirt underneath? Too quirky or do you think it would work? Have you ever bought in any of these sites cocktail dresses? I will appreciate your opinions and ideas! Wish you all an amazing day!



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